#018: Schwarzschild

  • Beerstyle:Black IPA
  • Abv:6.5-7.0%
  • Brewdate:2015-07-19
  • Malts:Carafa III (1300ebc), Pale Ale Bio (9ebc)
  • Hops:Centennial, Columbus, Warrior
  • Yeasts:Fermentis Safbrew US-05

First brew with my new brewpot

#017: JIT Session

  • Beerstyle:American Pale Ale
  • Abv:5.0%
  • Brewdate:2015-05-25
  • Malts:Cara Munich (120ebc), Maris Otter (4ebc), Pilsner malt
  • Hops:Amarillo, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus
  • Yeasts:Fermentis Safbrew US-05

Last-minute session ale / pale ale for the annual bbq. Kind of experimental…

#016: None the wiser

  • Beerstyle:American Pale Ale
  • Abv:4.8%
  • Brewdate:2014-8-24
  • Malts:Cara Munich (120ebc), Maris Otter (4ebc), Munich malt, Pilsner malt
  • Hops:Amarillo, Centennial, Magnum, Simcoe
  • Yeasts:Muntons

A beer to start the new academic year

#015: Black IPA

  • Beerstyle:Black IPA
  • Abv:6.5-7.0%
  • Brewdate:2014-05-24
  • Malts:Cara Munich (120ebc), Carafa III (1300ebc), Maris Otter (4ebc), Munich malt, Pale Ale malt (7ebc)
  • Hops:Centennial, Columbus, Simcoe, Warrior
  • Yeasts:Fermentis Safbrew US-05

My first attempt at a black IPA, one of my favorite styles at the moment. Warrior bittering hops. Dry hopped with Simcoe and Centennial.

#014: Walter White

  • Beerstyle:American Pale Wheat Ale
  • Abv:5.0-5.5%
  • Brewdate:2014-04-23
  • Malts:Maris Otter (4ebc), Rye Pale malt, Wheat malt
  • Hops:Centennial, Willamette
  • Yeasts:WY101 American Wheat

First brew with my new pump system.

#013: YASB

  • Beerstyle:Extra Special Bitter (ESB)
  • Abv:5.5-6.0%
  • Brewdate:2014-01-05
  • Malts:Cara Munich (120ebc), Pale Ale malt (7ebc), Pilsner malt, Special-B (350ebc)
  • Hops:East Kent Goldings, Willamette
  • Yeasts:WY1968 London ESB Ale

Yet Another Strong Bitter. I set out to rebrew the recipe of batch #002, but i ended up changing the recipe quite a bit…

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