Single Hop IPA Wakatu

  • Beerstyle:IPA
  • Abv:7.0-7.5%

18L water
3kg Pilsner malt (4 ebc)
1,250g Pale Ale malt (7 ebc)
400g Cara Munich (120ebc)

Hops:Wakatu (6.7%AA)

Yeasts: WY1056 American Ale

65C 90 minutes
73C 5 minutes

Around 1.055 SG at start of boil

60″ 38g Wakatu (6,7%)
10″ 20g Wakatu
5″ 20g Wakatu
0′ 20g Wakatu

Fermentation and lagering:
Yeast: WY1056 American Ale

Dryhop: 28g Wakatu for 6 days during secondary

OG: 1.065
FG: 1.012

Bottling: add 8g of bottling sugar per liter beer.